A Stray Raft

This is the poor man’s raft being blown away by strong winds…

I think the water is too blue, makes it hard to see raft. Have you did any research on color of ocean/ Is this raft on the ocean?
and maybe some kind of personel item on the raft ??? How about a closer view of the raft, say, on a crest of a wave so you can see the huge ocean behind it ???

Here is a little secret. The ocean is not actually blue. It is almost black with near %100 reflectivity. :wink: Create a sun lamp, and check the sky box. It will give you some really good results. I also agree with anacraiga, the raft is kind of hard to see.

shouldnt this be in works in progress section?

its a nice start but i don’t think its a finished project…you can make this scene a lot better IMO :slight_smile:

I’ll put this project in the works in progress section. Also, thanks Ewilde for the information on the color of the water.