A Stray Raft

What you think??

Its a nice start but the first thing i would work on before you start looking at materials etc is the composition. Try and choose a dramatic camera angle which isn’t the default one…maybe focus on the raft itself and have the waves crashing against it with the ocean in thebackground. Also, think about how a raft is made. Its made of many individual pieces of wood and you should mdoel yours accordingly. look at the film cast away for inspiration :smiley:

I fixed the Raft itself by making as realistic as possible but, what texture is good for the knot??
Just asking.

you should try using an actual wood texture from CG Texture with a bump map. Definitely improved tho

Sorry for taking the raft project a long time, but I had got the actual wood from the internet and figured it out how to use it in a mesh. I also used a little bump mapping. I also changed the knot and made it look like it is putting the woods together.

After putting my ocean and raft together, this is the result.


   <b> After:</b>