A street view 2

I am trying to build a reasonable low poly street, but just enough to fool that on first sight it might be real.
But could also be used in movie projects with around 20 render samples.
And well basically i’m doing it for all of you, just to get a scene like this, as i could not find it on blendswap.

But i have some problems, and maybe other people can help me with it, i want some low poly trees and hedges.
I find them verry hard to make, i tried textures and a lot of cycle shader combinations, with noice etc.
But i feel a bit out of luck here see my sample :

Also maybe someone would like to join in, on making this, ad more houses
All de window frames could just be copied and pasted, so making a house is easy.
Things that make it real are more about, adding small atributes, like i did bikes, football, trees, etc.

Here is my blend https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54767531/street.zip (textures included)

if you like to use as background, or willing to help expanding the street, with more low poly things please do so
I see it all as one backdrop for other people’s project, if people like to animate cars outdoor objects etc, now they can place it in a street.

just as a reference for these kind of houses