A Study In Marbles

I need advice on how to get the liquid to be more transperant, I keep lowering the alpha but it wont become seethrough, am I doing something wrong? Any Comments are welcome.


Do you have ztranp or raytransp on?

yes, could the problem have something to do with me using meta objects to imitate liquid?

I don’t think so, though the problem could have something to do with–though transparency is on–it doesn’t look transparent. What’s the alpha set to?

It doesnt seem to matter if its all the way or not. Should I be looking at something in raytransp since i have that on?

If the alpha is high, then all it will do is show the image.

Here’s a question, though. is raymir on? Cause–though water is reflection–you need a high fresnel value.

yes it is on, how high should i have it, about 2. something? What color should I make the material? blueish for a water type liquid? should i have it emit some light?

How high you have it means nothing, just make sure the fresnel is set to a reasonably high amount and the blend factor is above 1.

Also, have you ever seen a blue glass of water? XP Think about it.

Update, it may be complete, I don’t know yet: