A suggestion for Elysiun

I know there has been discussion somewhere here about making changes to the Elysiun. I’d like to add my request.

I’d like to see more specific forums added. Related to the various areas of the software. Instead of Animation, break it down to areas such as, modeling, lighting, animation (Action, constraints Keys etc,) texturing and so forth.

In this way, when you are trying to find a particular answer to a problem you can refine it by searching in the related forum. Sometimes doing a general search just won’t get you the answere your looking for becuase you haven’t used the right key words.

but then how little traffic would each of those threads have?

I don’t understand what traffic has to do with it. I think that having specific threads will improve the learning curve, especially for Newbies. In this way you can specifically target and are that you are concentrating on.

I think that there is no need for a forum which may only get 3 posts a day

but, I’m not an admin here [or a mod], just some guy with a lot of posts

I dunno…

i think that all of the regular (non-anim) quesitons fit fine where they are, as a lot of times you find a “vague” questions whose answer could fall in a lot of categories.

i do think this is a good idea though…