A suggestion - Please allow animated avatars


I currently have an animated avatar, remaining from the old elysiun forum. Too bad that I cannot change my avatar to another animated one. I was wondering if it would be possible for admins to allow animations in avatars. We are in a computer animation program, after all, and that would be a great way for forum users to show their skills. As long as the maximum size allowed for an image is not changed to a high value, I think that it would not hammer your server.


Existing animated avatars were supposed to be hunted down and shot when they were declared vermin.

Uh… Why?

they either creep me out or annoy me. Like, you’re reading someone’s post, looking at the screen, and then, all of a sudden, they either get uncomforable with you staring at them so that move a little. OR, even worse, THEY start looking back at YOU. that is just creepy. I’ve gone through three monitors from pulling out my pistol and just shooting them when I saw it the first few times.

The annoying ones just endlessly repeat, like a pawn lost on a chessboard, wandering around with a flashlight, doomed to spend eternity hopelessly lost, alone, in the dark, running in circles, never getting anywhere…reminds me too much of my own life so again, I pull out my pistol (a .22 caliber) and pop it in the head to put it out of its misery. Unfortunately, I keep missing cause I come back here and there he is again, and it costs me a $100 to replace the monitor (again).

Uh… Why?

Well, other than Roger’s slippery grip on sanity, I don’t honestly know. We weren’t supposed to have animated smileys either but (luckily?) that rule seems to have been ignored so we can benefit from Sago’s greatness even when he isn’t posting.

I do have to agree with Roger the old Codger that some animated avatars are just plain annoying. They aren’t subtle, they aren’t cutting edge and they aren’t funny - they just move - a lot! They seem kinda pointless.

Maybe we need a committee to assess animated avatars befor ethey can be used. Maybe Roger will judge them for us so that everyone else’s sanity can be saved :slight_smile:

yah, that would be cool… but I do agree about some creeping people out… especially those that wink at you or something…

Yeah, once there was a teddy-bear avatar that wouldn’t do anything for ages, then, just as you weren’t looking, you’d see its head twitch out of the corner of your eye. Friggin’ disturbing.

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mwhahahahahahahahah what a great idea… twitch


LOL, Hazza’s avatar?

I’d like to see those animated avs too. But I hadn’t thought about how creepy they could be.


Sounds like a great game, shoot the avatars.

I think it’s useless to have animated avatars, or even avatars at all :stuck_out_tongue:

The zbrush community doesn’t have avatars at all and it’s one of the best places :wink:

A picture is worth a thousand words. :wink:

animated avitars would be cool…

I use ADblock to ban annoying content from rendering on my system.

i’d like to have animated avatars too!

Only old timers on blender artists have animated avitars, i think that the ones that were least annoying were allowed and no more allowed after they were banned. If it were an absolute, total ban, LohnS wouldn’t still have have one, being a mod and all.

Oh no! Please say no to animated avatars, those are the peskiest things I know that hinder forum readability.

Still pictures as avatars are good, they help people to identify other users more easily (you don’t even have to read the nickname when you see a familiar avatar). This adds to the readability and ease of use.

I Use firefox and so I can use adblock to strip those annoying ads from the websites and I also use Stylish plugin to improve blenderartists forum readability and ergonomics (mainly to change the colors to less straining to the eyes). I just want to be able to concentrate on the content. I don’t get it, why people want to have all kinds of meaningless bells and whistles all around? coughVistacough coughBerylcough

haha yes, thats was my first thought too :smiley: Its always funny to freak people out :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: