A suitcase

Hello this is a suitcase im making at the moment. I intend to texture it, and maybe I will put it in to a scene later. Please critique. What do you think about the modelling? (it is not finished jet)


looks really good - other than missing bits for handle. get some nice textures, and it will rock!

Thanks . Here is an small update with a complete handle(:.

like the model…should really look good after texturing.

Thanks! Here is an other update. What do you think about the main leather material?

Oh forgot the picture (:

That texturing is fantastic! Very realistic look you’ve got going there.

Now to make a suitably realistic Scratched metal texture and you will be good to go!

I would use some displacement on the metal corner protectors - if the leather is that bashed up, the metal won’t be straight. might even be loose. otherwise looking really good.

Here is an other small update. It is pretty difficult, to get the corner protectors looking right (Materials). I think they still don´t look good. What do you think, any ideas?


oops, can’t see your image !
[will fill this with helpful comments when I can :slight_smile: ]

Did you click on it ? I also don’t know, why you can’t see the image, without clicking on it.:frowning:

Really nice modeling and texturing! I don’t really have any ideas on how to improve it. I must ask though, why the monkey head in there? Just for the fun of it :)?

Great modeling and promising scene. I would change the camera angle a bit. Are you going for a studio shot look, or will you add something else in the scene to create a bit of a story?

Here is an other version of the corner protectors. I think this version looks better what do you think?

Yanneyanen: The monkey was for testing the Lighting, and reflections :).

Andreu: First the suitcase was just an exercise. But now I think I will create a small scene.

dschnell289: I will do that. Thanks (:.

you’ll need to use projection painting and photos of scratched metal. I wouldn’t use displacement or super strong bump mapping, just enough bump to show the scratches.

Simon - I have to disagree with all who thinks that your texturing is great. You just loaded an image from CG Textures and did nothing with it, it’s not even well placed (I mean these brighter areas should be located on the corners of the suitcase, now they are placed randomly). Metal corners look bad, like a stone or something. Try to use shader options more often, prepare different maps, not just diffuse, make specular and normal/bump maps too. The model itself is fine but texturing… texture image is nice, but your texturing needs more work.

rozmiarek: Yes you are right I used this (http://cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=18100&PHPSESSID=1p1bclu8pqcoh9e1fqt3p1a530) image for the texture. But I don’t think it is not well placed. How would you texture the suit case? I know the corner protectors don’t look good. I will use the shader options more now.

Thanks for your honest feedback :D. Please tell me how you would texture the main leather from the suitcase. Which textures would you use? Would you use projection painting?

Oh, and why don’t you make just a small tutorial about texturing a lunch box for example just like the one from your render “Larva”? This would be really helpful for people like me (:. I saw your work in the gallery. Great stuff!

Simon - glad you didn’t take my post personaly.

Look at the image:


Texture at the edges of the suitcase should be slightly brighter (that’s where the suitcase touches and hits the ground/walls/other surface). Try to use your image texture as a base for other textures. Make a specular color one by enlighting the whole texture and adding some contrast to it, make a specular texture by desaturating, darkening and adding some contrast to it (you know, the more dark are areas, the less they will reflect the light; you can also use this texture for specular hardnes), make a bump texture by adding contrast in order to emphasize those scratches. Ofcourse I always add some extra touch to every texture by adding some details manually but I hope you get the idea of how to prepare textures. Oh, and always unwrap your models carefully. Well unwrapped model is much more easy to texture.

Good luck!

rozmiarek : Thanks for your reply and the description. I think is should defenetly spend more time on my textures :). But I have two more questions. You said, I should make the edges of the suitcase slightly brighter brighter. What would be the best way to do that?
And my second question is, how could I add more detail to the texture, if I would like to? Would I have to do that externally (for example with Gimp?)