A suitcase

Here is a suitcase I made. Critiques are welcome.

Here is an other angle.

I really like the textures, also the model looks pretty detailed :slight_smile:
The only point i want to critique are the corner-elements, they seem to hang there, idk, i miss rivets on them :slight_smile:

Good work, although corners could be improved (perhaps you should add mirror reflections, make the texture less noisy). Model itself is really nice and I love the look of the handle of the suitcase (I don’t know if that’s the right word in English).

Very nice work. The material for the metal pieces (corners, hasps, locks etc.) is completely off. This is a good reference shot, which also demonstrates how the two halves of these types of suitcases never seemed to fit together correctly; consequently there were gaps at various points, which is something you need to bring out to do justice to the excellent piece you have produced.

Thanks for the replies. I will work a bit more on the corners then(:.

Ok here is an other version.

very nice, very very nice "D I like it a lot

Now it looks really nice. I think you made a huge progress! Congratulations!

The material on the corner sis a major improvement.

Now you need to make the case look like it is made out of two halves, and that one half is slightly larger than the other (that’s how they fit together). Also, the material on the hasps and locks have to be changed to the same one as the corners.

Finally, the locks look like they are textures and not actual geometry, which makes them look quite flat. Make them meshes.

Nice stuff here. The only thing I would add to what others have said is that the leather material looks too shiny. Just knock down the spec and hardness and it’ll all be good.


Thanks for your comments

rozmiarek. I also think I made a huge progress. Thanks for all your help!

Robo3Dguy and danilius: Ok I will work a bit more on these areas.

My advice - start new project, you can improve each modeland texture for ages and there will be always something to tweak. Move forward.

Yes I think I will do that. I learned a lot at this project.