A sunrise morning

So great improvement overall mate.
I do like the increased light scattering on the grass and tree(new or rotated?) compared to the previous image. I agree with DerekG on the flowers, they should probably more grouped. Also i still think that the clouds should be less red.

The grass imo is very nicely done btw. Makes me wanna run in it.
Just a thought, is the sunflower to scale? It looks a bit big, but that might just be me.

Looks good man!

wow thank you everyone for these awesome comments and help!

DerekG1080, Thank you for the compliments and i agree with the flowers just need to figure out how to do that really. also I am not trying to make this render to photo realistic… this is for someone else, im doing this for their website when it goes up. again thank you!

DDD, Coming from you that this is improving greatly is awesome to hear since you have been following this from the beginning! I did rotate the light ( believe i lowered it some and rotated around the Z axis ) and changed the colour a little bit. Any suggestions on how to group the flowers a bit more and still have some scattered… vertex groups and weight painting? I also agree on the clouds just running tests to see what i like better. Thank you the grass and it does give a feel to me also to run throught it LOL :D. Now the sunflower is the main focus which is why I had made it like it is but i have been thinking about possibly making it a little smaller but not to much just becasue the whole picture is based on the sunflower… a little secret is im actually wanting to add a willow tree instead of the tree in there now, just trying to figure out how to make it and make it good. Again Thank you DDD for everything!

Jesusfrk14, Thank you for your encouraging comment!

Happy Blending and New Years to all!

I think the flowers should be turned down a bit. Their colors are too saturated and take away focus from the big sunflower.
The lighting doesn’t seem right just yet. When the sun is at such a low angle you’d expect to have very long shadows be cast from the tree and sunflower, but I see no shadows at all.

Thanks Derek, i did try the particle mode and wasnt to much of a fan i knda like the flowers scattered since the point is suppose to be a open field with wild flowers everywhere. i think i might just keep the flowers the same, but still debating. After you mentioned it, the stalk of the sunlfower does look bigger than imagened, might just have to fix that problem and see how the sunflower looks.

Ninjinx, thank for your critique and i will take them into consideration. There actually is the correct shadow there but its not very noticable… the grass is different from tree than the open field… this isnt supppose to be photo realistic and i am going off of what someone wants since its for their website. if i can make the shadows look better i will, otherwise i will leave it the way it is now concerning the shadows., thank you though