A swimming dino character W.I.P.

Just started this on another forum, and thought I may need some opinions on the status, so another comments and crits, please fire away


with body


modeled mask and bubbles



a rough (really rough) mouth test


Thanks in advance

nice, but maybe the neck should be a little thicker…only my opinion though…now a swimming cycle!

I dun know. Noobies with so called talent, yet to be explored seem to get priority these days. Your image is great. I love it. But, i don’t like the body proportion much compared to head. The head is great. The body, mmmm. Look at proportions a bit better.
Great head! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments digital_domain, I will get some more work done on it today, I am taking the basic body shape from these guys, but only with friendlier face than these guys




But the face is a yours truly creation… will post more. the fins need some more work I am aware of.

Just a little added deformation to the guy to keep the thread alive, but I deleted the armature and am in the process of remodeling the stomach and applying new armature to it.

Well here it is, any comments and crits welcome as always


silly dino! i like it. I think the last render, if you pulled his right fin back it would really emphasize his movement and focus on his face. will there be a scene involved with this little guy? Maybe a reef and a little fish staring at him with big eyes? I think it has the makings of a great picture,

An easy suggestion - even a little bit of material adjustment and texturing will really improve the appearance. Way too much specularity for one thing, and just a simple cloud or one of the noise textures, with some bump. It looks very “old CG” style right now.

Ok, well there is still a bit to go on this one before it’s ready, been busy as hell with family, you know the story.

Anywho, just thought I would show some of the latest stuff done to it.

Comments and crits very welcome.

To let you know, I am aware of some rigging problems especially the weights, this was a quick jab so as not to give up on it.

Here is the dino attack.


Hope you like it!

Question. What is the best way to get a (fake) volumetric lighting effect to give the impression of being underwater?

I generally use XSI for rendering, but this time I wanted to use blender from start to finish for this project, but I can’t figure this lighting problem out yet. Any ideas? All welcome!

Hi there, well as I expected, not too many replies for my question, so I just finished it off .

Here it is. I hope you like it everyone, it has been a while since I actually finished a project.

Any comments welcome.