A sword a hammer and a shield

well heres somthing new to be added to my list of stuff
along with my alien guy whitch was mentioned earlyer this is a Sword A shield and a Battle Hammer ill texture them a bit later and i will set them up for an animation after that im still not sure if im goin to include them for a game though

anyway what do ya think

(it cant be that bad for mindlessly messing around with a box lol)


the hammer and sword look a little sharp around the edges, and a bit like toys because of the sphere that you have put on the ends. If you bevelled the hammer a bit, it would look better and maybe re-arranged the lights abit so that you get some more natural shadows. :slight_smile: hope to see some more

alrighty i took the little ball off the end and i beveled the hammer but i couldent do the single edged sword because it messed it up badly
i made the lighting a sun lamp so it gives off a better shadow

i made the end of the hammer into a spike because i remember seeing a hammer like that somewhere
but the sword ends in a post ill try to add a grip or somthing to it here in a bit

(i added a smaller 2 sided sword also )


I would personally make the spike on the end of the hammer thicker then the rest of the handle. Right now whoever was using it would have to have a really strong grip or else their hands would slide right off.

The swords look as tho the handles on both and the guard on the one are concaved and really thin. Appears as if its sharper then the blade.

The one sword reminds me of the one from FF7 but the blade seems really short compared to the handle.

as to the hammer ill take the spike off

as to the sword could it look like that because i have set smooth on?
they arent subserfed

(it could be becuase of the lighting again i need to play around with it and get better lighting )

i just now realised your right on the one looking like the buster sword

I wouldnt remove the spike… Just make it ummm more like an arrow … so that it gets thicker then the handle… Just my opinion. Sorry cant really describe what im talking about with out doing it and well im just too lazy for that right now :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the blades being thin or concaved… it could be the lighting or the angle cant really tell.

ok heres a better pic not set smooth

a handle added to hammer and both swords for better grip

and a small guard added to large one

blade smoothed out on large one and back was pulled out to make a curve like apperance (kinda)


Yup mustve been the smooth making it look that way.

The hamer and swords deffinately looks better with the handle added btw :slight_smile:

I now have the urge to model a sword… I swear ill do anything to keep from working on my fishs texture lol :stuck_out_tongue:

lol btw was the shield ok noone said anything about it so im guessing its cool?

as good as thies are turning out ill have to makesure i dont drop them like i do with other stuff and finish them making them look well (maybe if i finish them well enough i canofficaly add thies to a portfolio or somthing)