A sword


Rendered in Blender Internal, AO, and some postprocess in gimp.

Nice, smooth look! I like this lighting from beneath.

Only the oval stone and the lens flares look inappropriate to me.

The handle looks fantastic. I think the blade needs some work on materials. Just doesn’t look right to me. Hard to explain, looks flat (maybe angle of view) and like something other than metal. But still I like your sword alot.

The metal if fine, i’ve seen that type of metal on lots of swords.

Here is the original render: http://www.gelu.ciberplai.net/odinlow.jpg
And here is a greyscale version: http://www.gelu.ciberplai.net/odinC.jpg

The blade does seem flat. Could you show it from different angles, maybe? And some of the points don’t seem pointy enough to me.

The hilt looks great, by the way.

should render it entirely.
and make an edge all around the blade so it look like sharped. a fast uv map could help you on that.