A sword

This is a sword that i did ,what do you think?


thats cool, u know noramlly ide say i tihnk u should put a ridge down the middle, but with this i tihnk its looks really cool without one, has quite a wheighty feel to it.

Nice modelling, I really like it.

Is it supposed to be used for sword-fighting? Because the horns render the whole guard part unusable, since they would break off after a first blow :smiley:

I like the overall look. If it is supposed to look like a sword, i’d suggest you make it more straight… - it’s too pointy… i get the impression, that it’s a dagger with a length of 45 cm. (the long handle, compared to the blade is adding to that feeling)

The metallic material needs some work, too… Maybe an HDRI image could help a little on that… =)

But after all the critique, it looks awesome…! A really cool modeled head on the handle…!
Thinking about doing a scene for it?

thanks for the tips

it has a ridge in the midle but in the first render it wasn’t so visible . i lowered the head with the horns down becouse as ondrew said it would break after the first hit, i made the blade longer and used a hdri texture for lighting . does anyone know where i can find free hdri textures for download becouse i found only 2 or 3 good hdri textures for free download


I like it except for the lighting