A.T.L HORUS [~~updated link~~]

this is my version of Ed Giddings ‘dominance’…the moment i saw that beauty, i knew i had something to do. i dont think this came anywhere near it…but guess it was worth the try.

it still needs some work on texturing and lighting…but i’ve had enough already!!


and tell me…would anyone care to see a small anime of this??

ooopsss…copy the link and paste :smiley:

Very impressive. I would like to see a small animation of it.

WOW!!! well…this ship is awesome! I really think it’s a great starship! One of the best I ahve seen in blender!

If you are interested in the making of a movie project drop me a private message… :wink:

I hope you’ll send me a message…bye!


sorry guys…i dunno what happend, but the site seems to have ripped me…will upload soon. :frowning:

prolly because you posted images without opening them thru an html file.

yup! i’m sure they ripped me…but i did have a valid htm which linked to some other stuff. anyway pls chek out the new link…and let me know ur comments.

Speakin of which…THX ALL!!!

i’d certainly msg u…but as for now, i’ve already rendered a small anime…just have to work on the sound and then upload. i’ve posted a frame in the site…so pls chek it out.thx.

THAT´S A SWEEEEEET LOOKING SHIP! Very detaile, very nice and big-looking!

wow, thats very detailed! and the engine flares are so nice looking… stars look like snow in the flyby… this is a great looking spaceship :o

Stunning, truly. Nice nice work. :slight_smile:

the ship looks great ! the textures are on the money. I do think there should be some flame or light extending further from the engines, but just my opinion. good work

thx again!


i’d say the textures look horrible. yep! i’ve messed a lot, tryin to get it look right…but somehow…just didnt work. …so for the sake of sanity, i left it alone.
regarding the exhaust…i wuz thinkin of adding a burst (of gases/particles) durin an escape scene or something.

Very nice,

I expecially like the engine halos :slight_smile:


very very nice. I guess the last time I looked the links weren’t working. Glad I checked again. Well done.

uhmm…did you already mail me? cause I didn’t get any message from you. If you haven’t already sent one…send me one as fast as possible so I can organize thing…cause some part of the story will be “added/change” if you accept to join us :wink:

Again I want to say that your ship rock! I really like the ngine glow!

:o :o :o :o