a tec tree for a game

i wanna know how i would go about making a simple tec tree set up that i can move things around with out well… any hassle :stuck_out_tongue: so i can make the finished one more quickly !!not something to be used in the ge!!

it is a rather large tec tree for a game i am making and i want the test tree to sort of look like how the blender node thing looks but i dont know how i would go about making connecting lines with out the need of going in and out of edit mode to reconnect them after moving something
seeing how this tec tree will be so large i am more likely to confuse my self with out the lines
also the lines dont need to be curved but it would be handy thanks

if you dont understand what i mean plz tell me and i will try to explain it better

ps i also would like some help modeling a LOT of realistic looking in game items so if you fell like challenging your self pm me and i will give you a list of stuff i need (there will be something to suet just about any type of modeler)

dam it will take me months to make this let alone also typing out what everything is needed to make everything and what everything can do in all combos then modeling and programing everything and that is not even the game play things…this game wiil take YEARS i mean i wanna have pretty much a full working Periodic table XD