A technique to fake area lamps ? some shader ?

I’d like to use a use area lamps to make some neon tube, but area lights are not working in BGE (except in candy). What can i do :confused: ?

try add a spot lamp, set the size to 180,check the square check box,set the energy to 5.0 and then set the distance to 25.0…tadaaa, an area lamp, but sadly,you still cant use a texture :frowning:

With the developpement version, texture projection with spot is ok (not movie completely).
Thank you, i’ll try it.
Another advice for modeling lights in games ?

^ Hm? You can use a texture on lamps.

@OP - Not sure exactly how one could do area lamps outside of the Candy branch of Blender. You could try finding the patch for area lamps and adding them into a current build of Blender, or maybe Martinsh will pop in and give some ideas.

Yes, i’ve tried it yesterday : texture with spot is ok, but movie not directly : it plays just one frame. But, with texture, we can use it to play movie in it with a script.
I use Blender compiled the 12-26-13