A temple like place....... :P

(gr8hamster) #1


Here’s a temple I’ve been working on for some time. I finally got around to actually working on it but so far it’s rather [email protected] :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t get the flames right… or the lighting. The floor texture isn’t that grand either.
There’s still alot I’d like to get on this sucker but until I fix these insane little problems I’m going to be stuck here.

So wut everyone think? Any and all words of suggestions and encouragement are welcomed.
and any words of complaints or ‘put-downs’ are also welcomed! ¡w00t!


(stukkm) #2

pretty good… just a few things i had to say but you’ve already said them yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

  • the altar at the far end of the temple seems a bit… empty. there should probably be more stuff, and maybe a bigger table.
  • is the floor bump mapped? because if so maybe increase the nor because it’s not easy to tell. same with walls
  • the blank tapestries seem odd as well, they’d look better IMO with some kind of design on them

(rogerm3d) #3

Lookin nice. I agree with all comments so far.
For the flames maybe try adding a texture so theres more than just one color.
If you stare at flames for a while you notice the diffrent colors, or else you get burnt. :wink:
I really like the roof, its uh diffrent. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

(gr8hamster) #4

omg OMG OMG!! i feel like such a blender n00b by saying this but…
you can add texture to halo’s?

see… now I feel n00b :frowning: lol

I’m going to add a … well … symbol of the Gr8Hamster!! hehe you’ll see…
plus behind the altar I’m thinking of adding something like a family crest… still drawing up desings of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I used that little nor button in the material section. I’ll prolly have to work some on the texturing… make the dark darker and light lighter. that should work a bit… if not… :S

(S68) #5

Good image.

I like architectural stuff in Blender.


1 - It is flat and unbevelled.
Edges are too sharp, and you placed textures (bumpmap ones) to fake tiles and bricks, expecially floor and cealing… but when these connect to the walls you see clearly that they are flat surfaces with a texture. (Only solution… model each tile)

2 - Where are shadows???
is a tut by eeshlo on his site on omnidirectional light casting shadow…
Quickly: place 9 square spots in a single point, 90° wide and 0 SpotBl facing NSEW Up and Down :wink:

3 - Need to tweak those particles for fire. More particles, smaller halos, add a Material IPO changing halo colout From yellow to dark orange and then a smoke colour… play with alpha too!

Keep it up!


(banana_sock) #6

everything looks too perfect. You should add some cracks or slightly angled tiles to make it look more realistic. For the fire, there’s a good tut by (i think) imgranpaboy about making a campfire. You could just use the fire from there cos it looks real good. It looks to me as though there’s a hole in the roof (the roof is a lot more lit up, een if it is just a lighter colour) so give a bit more attention to lighting. An idea would be to make it more dark, and have the torchers lighting up the area. Just stick a lamp in the middle of each. It’s a nice scene, just needs more tweaks.

(gr8hamster) #7


here’s what i’ve done so far… thatnks for telling me about the omnidirectional lighting. i feel stupid now for not thinking about that.

This is just a test run of it so far… i’m going to work a whole lot more on the tapestries…
I’m probably going to model each floor and ceiling tile on their own :frowning: it’s more work (I HATE WORK) but i might just have to!

So wut y’all thinks?

(BgDM) #8

Much improvement from the original post. I agree with Stefano about modelling all of the tiles in the floor. Just brings out more of a atural feel than using a bump map.

Keep up the good work.


(Elsdon) #9

I like it so far. The dome strikes me the most.

The flames are always a problem.
Here’s a tip or two.

Start with a cube and sub-divide it once the play with Sub Surf until you get a shape you like. then leave edit and duplicate it.

On one add material and texture. The texture will be a liniar blend with the XY flipped. Play with the colors until you get an orangish/yellow top and a blue bottom. On the other one make it particles for that touch of flicker.
After a few hours you will have a great looking flame :wink:

The next step is to save it to disc, then to CD then to your friends computer then to your girlfriend and maybe even to a stranger’s who has a trustworthy looking face. That way you never have to go through it again. :smiley:

That part was just because I am a smart alec, but it is difficult and I would be glad to e-mail my model so you can play with it, if you would like.

The tut is no longer available. I got it from a guy named Manau (?) who if anyone remembers Blendermania, was truly the reigning master with Blender.

At any rate, Hope this helps.


(S68) #10


I’,m on a stupid 256 colours 14" monitor (Yes they still exist :o ) So I cannot comment throughtfully, but Overall impression is that it’s much better, more moody, and a cool lightning.

Tapestry too is getting interesting

I read above torches could be better, I cannot say, because I can’t see them well :frowning:

I personally find myself very confident with making a plain circle, small one, having particles emitted with a Z force pushing up and some randomness, and by having particles do everything. I feel this better than creating a flame shaped mesh because you can animate this better.

THere should be a CANDLE tutorial on Ingeebee site (See my list of tuts in Q&A forum) and that might work for torches too…

Keep it up


(gr8hamster) #11

hello all. check it out eh!
I worked some on the tapestries… prolly went overboard but I had fun in making it!! lol

the floor I made tile-by-tile like everyone suggested.
I would of done the walls brick by brick but HAHAHAHA no way. unless everyone really, really wants that… :-?


Now, for my next move, a quick Q

1)Should I keep the diamond, like thing and put up a ‘Family crest’ type object on the wall…

2)Get rid of the diamond and put up some type of statue, like a knight or something…

3)Keep diamond, and put up a statue of a knight or something on the wall behind it.

4)Or do nothing :frowning:

I think that’s all I’m thinking of doing… so like… stuff eh?

(paradox) #12

The tapestrys look great, not overboard in my opinion. The tiles are nice but perhaps a bit too deep. Overall the scene is looking better and better.