A tennis shoe

Hello, I am working on a shoe that still has some minor problems that I can learn from hopefully. The primary one being the right shoelace, which comes from my not having formed the geometry properly out of laziness and stupidity at the time. I really learned my lesson from this incident.

I followed oneigekko’s boot tutorial and made a tennis shoe instead.
You are welcome to post any pictures of any footwear you’d like to discuss, because maybe someone else can learn from it.

also, does anyone know a way to extrude geometry from a path. Like to take a series of lines and then extrude them outward. This had to do with the shoelaces - i just took a ring or a cylinder and extrude it out in a rather clumbsy way. I know that Hexagon 2.1 has a better way to do this, but I haven’t found the equivelent tool in blender yet.