A terrain modeler for the BGE_AirRace game?


I looking a terrain modeler for my BGE_AirRace game, which will participating to the 2010 Summer Game Competition.


My plan is to share the .blend file latest end of this year, when the completion ends.

You can see my current state on this video:

Current terrain .blend file:

I’m not too good with the 3D modeling and texturing so, I though if somebody would like to help a bit.

I would need a low poly terrain with some trees, bushes and etc. Maybe some buildings here and there. Just to give cue to the pilots about his position and height during the flight.

Thank you for your attention.

A real life Red Bull Air Race video:


No takers for this one?

Any advices how make a similar low poly terrain with procedural textures?

I would like to have:

  • Very steep terrain areas: a rock textures.
  • Medium steep terrain areas: a rock textures with some grass texture here and there.
  • Slope terrain areas: a grass texture with some rock texture here and there.
  • Flat terrain areas: a grass texture.

Thank you for your advance.

This tutorial should be very helpful; http://www.yofrankie.org/tutorial-texture-splatting/

(fore-head slap)

Uh, I actually saw this, when it came out first time.

Need to practice a bit with multiple textures.

Thank you for the reminding and link:yes:

Yeah sure, also, that’s not the only tutorial on the old Yo Frankie site. There are several others there as well, trees, fancy mist, etc; http://www.yofrankie.org/?s=tutorial
edit; BTW, impressive work on that flight sim of yours!


Thank you for your kind comment.

That Low Poly tree tutorial is in my book a High Poly tree tutorial :o Any how thanks for the heads up, I will practice with it.

The first public demo(win .exe) with old terrain is out


The .blend file is published: