A Test of Mr. Ebb's Fine Work




wow! whered you get those clouds, what do you mean by mr. ebb’s fine work?

By Mr. Ebb, he means broken (Matt Ebb), who has been working on Farsthary’s volumetrics.

Yup, that’s what I meant. For nearly daily windows builds on all significant branches, check out http://www.zoo-logique.org/3D.Blender/index.php3?zoo=com, it’s where I got my copy. :]

Rocketman: They are seriously sweet, aren’t they? Broken has done a fantastic job. Fars has done a great job too, except his stuff isn’t really included in the branch yet, it’s more experimental.

Matt is working on hes own volumetrics, based on PBRT code. Raul’s work hasnt been implemented yet

Remember to report any bugs you find to this thread because Broken reads it (I reported a big rendering bug)

Keep it alive so people can see the latest updates.

Thanks for the tip. :]