a test with the faked GI...

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

today i played around with faked GI and other stuff, here’ s the result:


any comments?


(jorx) #2

I can’t find your pic.
It just comes up with a “Image hosted by Tripod”

(Andy Goralczyk) #3

tripod doesnt want people to link to any image on a tripod site…
copy and paste the link or drag it in your browser bar, I’m gonna get another host soon.


(rndrdbrian) #4

Not bad at all!

Nice metallic environment mapping!


(blenderanim) #5

With Tripod, you have to cut 'n paste the address into your browser.

My comment was going to be ^@#$! Tripod, but after seeing the image.

Wow! It looks great. The mask seems to have thickness and the wallpaper looks good. The only critiques I would have is with the brighter line in the corner. For some reason, that doesn’t look natural. Also, the texture on the baseboard looks repetitive–light, dark, light, dark.

Ok, now I’m seeing some more stuff.
Skew the mask, so it doesn’t look like it is perfectly aligned with the corner and the floor grid.

The carpet seems too perfect where it meets the baseboard. Maybe put some bevel where it would curl under.

Final comment:

WOW! It really does look GREAT.

(jorx) #6

Awesome surroundings! I love the floor and the walls.
The mask has a nice modeling job on it.
One thing though. In real life, it wouldn’t be lying perfectly aligned with the walls.
Maybe turn it a bit.

(Andy Goralczyk) #7

i fixed some mistakes in the scene, here is the link again:


the only thing i couldn’t fix was the bright line in the corner, but anyway, it’s just a test…
hehe… i can’t wait for the photorealism contest :smiley:


(DAK) #8

Why is there big dark splatches in the corner?

(blenderanim) #9


Quick changes, too.

What if you put a dark colored spotlight to shine in the corner?

(blengine) #10

wow nice! thats looks awfully real!

(S68) #11

Really good model and environment!

I’m amazed :o


(Andy Goralczyk) #12

hey… thanks for all the great replies!
btw: this is my 25th post, now I’m a ‘forum regular’ :smiley:


(stephen2002) #13

the walls, carpet look real. But the environment mapping on the mask looks, well, fake. That’s Blender for you. :frowning:

@ndy, we can all read your status. You don’t need to announce it to us

(snailrose) #14

not bad…thats an interesting peice

(Turkey) #15

this is propably a stupid question, but what is fake GI???