A theme for a term paper

Hello, respected BlenderArtists!:cool:

I’m new to Blender and Python Scripting :eek: (expect for recent-made glass with water and a little modified 3D View panel using Python).

So, the main theme: My scientific advisor doesn’t want to give a project to make with Blender out of his head. He advised to look for a real project. But… a have a liitle experience so it’s difficult for me to keep a competition in freelance sources.

Could you give me an interestig theme? Maybe, from your own experience or from tour customs?
Requirements for my term paper are: make my model using Python scripting, non-trivial model (no interiors).

Thank you!!!

how about a how about a wire theme?, like everything looks blocky and sqaure xD

Wires? Maybe my question is stupid, but … is it a whole-hearted model? Where can I use wires?

And if you notice some mistakes in my posts - forgive me, please! English’s not my native language. From my part I’ll try to state my ideas clear )

liek blocks, are you having to write this? or model this using python?

if so use some blockyness is what im saying ;D make it all look like blocks and it was built with blocks

Thank you! Any other suggestions? I’ll gather all of them and choose the most fit with the scientif.advisor)