A Thin Lady

another project to push myself. I like it! Rendered in blender and compositeted in photoshop.

Very nice! The eyes seem a bit washed out, and it makes her look a little cataract-y. I feel they’re also a little too specular.
Not bad though. Liking the earrings! :wink:

Yeah, the eyes are the only thing that don’t convince me either. You can’t have both big and realistic eyes without looking creepy. And they are bulging too much.

The rest is fine, specially the hair.

Ya, there is just something weird looking with the eye lashes, and to a lessor degree, the eyebrows. Nice render!

I also think the eyes look a bit weird but still she looks funny in a way.

I like your style. I am disapointed of her eyes. it don’t works for me.

Haha, man I didn’t realize the eyes were that bad! But you are all right.

The funny thing is, It did look a lot better with just specular instead of reflect. I spent a lot of time trying to get my reflect pass working and I really wanted to use it. I know better for next time though.