A...thing...of some sort...

Here’s my thing. I made the spokes with the new meta tubes, then converted to mesh, and decimated. 2 radio emittors, and added some noise in GIMP.

Nice piece of concept art dude!

Reminds me of some kind of giant space entity.

Good to see you exploring the outer reaches of Blender so to speak.

Thanks Radishimo, I figure I will try making some trees that way too. I really like these new meta shapes.

i good. I’m reminded of a movie that I saw but cant think of it right now.

Nice picture Modron. I like the shape. I think looks like a window in a
spaceship. Reminds me of Starwars “Return of the Jedi” in the lounge
of the Emperor.

keep it up, Bob

Thanks guys,…looking at it now, I think I should have added som more ‘branches’ coming off of the branch/spoke things. Maybe will do an update.