A third person template?

Hey I would like to make a very simple third person game in which you move around and jump on platforms, collect coins etc. I know how to do this I just ran into a problem, I have made a platform move and I wish the character to jump on it and ride on it towards another platform but the character sensor won’t allow it.

I hate messing with this stuff, it’s a time killer, so I thought I would just ask, is there a template that has all this figured out already? With a camera that doesn’t clip through walls. I can’t seem to find any such templates on the internet, only old broken links to past versions of blender. Thanks

I appreciate it but it seems the guy who made it is a moron, I’ll have to clean this mess up I guess and try find out how to modify it so it works properly. Thank you.

Never mind he has made a cluster fuck of a blender file, it’s full of bull. These are the basic features I’m looking for:

  • Not use mouse to look around, wasd to move forward backward and rotate, like a tank.
  • Camera that doesn’t clip through wall.
  • A cylinder that can move around without sliding off platforms or glitch when running into walls.

Very basic stuff and the classical 3d platformer controls.

EDIT: It’s really odd that still they haven’t made a camera detection logic brick or a character physics option that will allow it to ride on platforms. I mean come on it’s 2016…

An actor with physics riding a moving platform, must balance and compensate for that moving platform, else that is not realistic,

That said, just have a very short ray, and parent to the platform when you are standing on it, jumping or walking off removes the parent.

About the camera, you need a raycaster that if it hits, places the camera ahead of the ray, if it does not hit, it places the camera at the end of the ray.

Also try and be nice, people are helping you for free.

I have told you this before BPR, Blender will never be good for game making if it isn’t artist friendly. UDK and Unity have a lot of features built in already. That is why we worked on the ff template so people could go right ahead and make their game without having to deal with the difficulties. It just blows my mind that blender has been out since 1995 and still to this day it hasn’t got basic stuff working properly, it’s ridiculous.

I appreciate the template linked, but it’s not good to anyone if it can’t be modified easily. People give up before they’ve even got started because blender is incompetent.

Programming is a Means to define your desired behavior,

This is the issue, is blender game is made to make any game,

Have you tried meatlike substitute?

It is in resources, I can add platforms and a camera if you wish,

Can I post that template unfinished, the final fantasy one, in hopes that others may help me carry on?

We could keep working on it if you want, I still got that old man lying around somewhere.

here is the beginnings of a 2d platformer, many of the concepts in it are counter intuitive,

however it works :smiley:

Programming physics behaviors is tricky,
I think what I have done here is kinda like having localized motion when not on moving platforms, and then servo type motion on platforms,

3d is the same thing, but add another axis (the value C) and have localized X and localized Y velocity your controls manipulate.


PhysicsActorPart1.blend (511 KB)

I would love to finish it :smiley:
I have begun heavy work on wrectified, but I have a soft spot for final fantasy and chrono trigger.

here is a almost game ready 2d platformer physics rig,

now all platforms are ran by 1 manager, so it has very low overhead.


PhysicsActorPart12.blend (534 KB)

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