A thought about "cloud"

Since everything is moving off to the “cloud” (eg. Stadia), and even VFX software - why not use XWindows’ remote capabilities for this? This is exactly what it was built FOR, after all, and it never even got used - is the bit that actually “sends the screen over the wire” now workable enough that you can do actual visual effects over it? (is that what this “Wayland” thing is?) …cuz there are tons of people who dont’ have high end machines at home, and would like to take a crack at it…

What say?

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You can rent Amazon/Azure (and probably GCP) desktop as a service. They just cost a significant amount for something with a decent GPU.

There are several DaaS providers that are not Azure/AWS etc… that appear to have cheaper prices:

$20/month and $0.9/hour is a decent price

Yeah, so - can I use X on them/with them?

I use Shadow, It’s not made for blender but Shadow allows installing of programs.

I have been using Blender on Paperspace occasionally, works pretty well.

I’ve never heard of that? From the site it looks rather promising. Do you know how it’ll compare to shadow? It looks like they have a free tier but not sure what it all intels. Shadow starts at $15 a month and you get a lot of good stuff with it. I joined Shadow because I didn’t have a PC and had no money to buy one. $15 a month is a Netflix prescription. I’m not actually sure if Shadow is cheaper or more expensive then buying a computer but you don’t have to worry about upgrading, software updates, bugs/glitch, ext. It’s great because you have a PC without having to deal with a PC.

Noone’s answering my question - CAN I USE X ON THEM? :slight_smile:

Also, do any of these things offer Flame with them? (yes, I know, not free…)

Does anyone think,btw, that this could open the door for “pay cloud versions” of all this software, ie. something like Blender remains free to download, but you can also use it on a cloud service, which PAYS the Blender Foundation for the privilege of using their software?
Kind of interesting, right? I thought this was what NADELLA of all people, were trying to move us to…

What you mean by X? What is Flame? Are you referring to a preinstalled blender on a cloud pc? I admit that it’ll be interesting but why would they pay blender when people would just download it. Plus they would be paying for people who don’t use blender and I image that more people play games then actually work on those cloud pcs. I’m excepting the ones that cost a arm and a leg of course.

He wants to know if you can use the X11 protocol hosted on cloud based computers remotely that X Servers running on every flavor of Unix for GUI out there. DISPLAY doesn’t have to equal localhost:0, you can set it to a remote X server and now your programs like Blender will display on that remote display(if you’ve allowed the connection).

I think you install your operating system and stuff on most cloud based providers. So if the OS is a flavor of Unix, it will theoretically work.

I have no clue how I was supposed to know that. I think shadow can install linux but I believe you have to ask first but the customer service is quite awesome. Before you get whatever, ask the customer service for that option and see if that works.

On that note, I believe it’s best to keep windows 10 because stuff works better and I believe on most cloud pcs, Windows is like a brick house. Just word of thought.

I just assume that people on this forum have an inkling about such things.
No problem with you asking though :slight_smile:


READ this:

Btw, Flame is from Autodesk:

No offence but it seems the article was written by a socialist.

1 nonfree software has it’s pros and cons. Topically it’s better maintained and supported. It’s like how sub based games like WOW and FFXIV are better and have less problems then free to play games like ESO and DC Universe. I admit better is a objective term but WOW is a big name for a reason. Topically one con of free is that bugs and glitches are way more likely to be put on the back burner. It’s like how on here for instance if I offer $50 or higher then I usually get responses imminently, when I go and say why don’t you do this or help me out of the kindness of your heart then it’s likely I won’t get responses at all. Greed isn’t all bad. It’s the reason why I can spend my free time playing video games and using my sub based PC instead of going outside or sitting in being bored. Hopefully you both live and eat better then a noble 200 years ago.

  1. I’m not sure if forcing you to update a software is really counted as a backdoor. Though I wouldn’t be that surprised if most software had back doors for various reasons.

  2. While I do understand that being watched is an announce and I don’t agree with big tech and government doing it, but it’s the modern world now. If you’re that concerned about it, then why not just live like it’s 1995 or some prior point in history

Hmm, I’m personally just not sure that X is what I would want to do it with.

Unfortunately out of all the remote desktop protocols I’ve found RDP with RemoteFX from Microsoft to ‘feel’ the best, the local audio + filesystem support is amazing for opening local files and not even noticing that it’s a remote app (given a fast enough internet connection).
However Windows only, plus $$$ for license for the GPU virtualization (client support required).

Blender itself however, would be an ideal target to work remotely with, the entire software stack can be OSS, so the only costs are hardware + bandwidth

How much does that cost? Though I agree blender is very good for working off a remotely. I believe that cloud is the future but I know the PC guys will go down kicking and screaming. It’s kinda weird, I grew up back when my first family PC was dos and that in order to do anything, you needed a PC in your home, now it’s like the PC is just obsolete. I know that businesses will always use PCs even those mini PCs but I believe that the time where a PC is in every home is dead. I’ve been waiting for that day forever. I’m glad I no longer have to deal with a PC in my home.

I am unsure about cost, but it requires Windows Server with the correct license plus a Pro/Enterprise Windows (almost thin) Client.

I think for hobbyist compute, the value is just not there if your rendering for 8 hours + per day, GPU cloud rendering is still quite expensive over a year vs a workstation. But overall much will become service based, which I am generally ok with.

I have heard that cloud rendering is cheaper. If you factor electric cost and other stuff.