A thought about "cloud"

Linux is TECHNICALLY better - otherwise I wouldn’t be able to run the LATEST VERSION of a modern distro on my almost DECADE old laptop, and still get it to do stuff - Win, a modern one, would have pissed itself and fallen over. Which means, essentially, that I would have had to get a new PC!! :frowning:

No further arguments are necessary.

The sooner we are rid of this SCOURGE of a company from the FACE of this planet, the better.

One could argue that linux can run on an ancient PC because linux doesn’t have as many features. Plus Windows 10 can’t be that demanding since I can get a Windows 10 PC the size of a cell phone box.

So how about actually better? For better or for worse, I need my PDF authoring software on Windows (PDF-XChange), how does Ubuntu etc… work with PKI smart-cards, digital signatures and authentication? These are necessary for my workplace and clients, and work across Windows 7 - 10 and different PDF applications.

I like using Linux, and prefer Xubuntu where possible. It runs my 3D print server at home, several networking lab PCs at work, my Router OS at home (vyOS). I use Blender for 3D modelling. The software we sell runs on linux VMs. Personally and professionally I am no stranger to linux

But nothing beats Active Directory for Enterprise, custom software stores, device management, group policy and updates. We have too much software (CAD, Document control) that is not ready to or cannot (legally) move to cloud.
MS Office is required for a number of the documents we work on, Google Docs (or Word online) struggle to author them. I wouldn’t trade any ideology for the drop in productivity.

Why don’t you just use the Linux equivalents of these? A quick Ecosia ( www.ecosia.org ) search brings up these:


, and I think the equivalent for that “directory” whatever, is PAM (not sure tho) :

Also, very importantly, THIS - Windows itself could soon move to “the cloud” :

This is an important site too, I’d bookmark it if I were you :

One could - that argument would be Wrong :rofl:

I can’t even use alternative commercial CAD software to what our client wants, they require an AutoCAD dwg file once the project is built. They provide the template file for the drawings, and that template does not convert well, even with software that supports .dwg

Google Docs, Libre Office, Office Online don’t work with our files and templates + macros. Libre Office kind of works, but some of the embedded properties from the template and formatting are not cross-compatible.

How well does PAM integrate with PKI Smart Cards and mobile devices? We also have license management and detection of unlicensed software, which prompts us to uninstall or put in a request.

We also have just moved to Office 365 Enterprise, which is allowing us to ditch multiple stand alone solutions, and saves us money. Personally its great. Moving to this is actually one thing that allows me to do a much larger majority of my work on my home PC on Xubuntu via the browser, and work off cloud files.

Unfortunately I still have to switch to my work laptop (or windows) for:

  • PDF Markup, Manipulation and Digitally Signing
  • Accessing encrypted emails
  • VPN to use on site document control for major releases
  • AutoCAD, Visio, MS Word

However, I don’t have anything against MS and Windows either, so while I enjoy using linux its from a practical purpose. So work is not one of those use cases yet, or for a while.

Also not looking forward to using my OS in the cloud, not for a while in Aus with our internet :joy: :joy:

You need to talk to your clients, and company, and everyone else, and get em to make the Switch, myte! :slight_smile:

Btw, there are 2 more called KOffice and Calligra, AFAIK - please search on Ecosia!

Please note that I’m only guessing what you need, I’ve almost never used such software in my life!