A thought

(rwv01) #1

After reading some of the more emotionally charged threads here
I’m reminded of a thought I had a while back. Nothing new I’m sure but it was this:

In our efforts to solve the problems of humanity by reason we try to look at our selves objectively, but are hindered by the bias that we are the objectified.

The above statement is of coarse an incomplete line of unauthoritative reasoning and is best qualified with a big fat perhaps.

Does this make any sense at all?

Sorry it’s 6:00 AM here and I’m half asleep.

(ray_theway) #2

I think I get what you’re saying. When looking at issues separated from us, we can see them with a clear, objective, “reporter” mind. However, it takes great skill (which is almost impossible to attain) to think clearly enough to look objectively at issues that relate directly to ourselves without taking a side. I see myself as having some giftedness in objectivity - look at some of my posts on creation/evolution and the like and I tend to be extremely objective, even though I do sway to one side. As the issues get closer to me, though, I lean further from objectivity and further into emotional (sometimes defensive) bias. Look at the play Inherit the Wind and you’ll get the idea.

Your reasoning makes good sense for anytime of the day :wink: .

(valarking) #3

that, as is obvious, is a philosophical statement, and i really dislike most statements of those kinds. it’s because even if i agree with it, you can’t prove it so there will always be another to argue against it. :-?

(blengine) #4

though i liked your statement, i didnt like those big words and the confusing structure…haha im not dumb! but i do have bad vocabulary =) lol… and in any case, i agree with valar king as well =D

(rwv01) #5

Yeah I know. There isn’t much point in saying something like that is there?
What use is it? I think it was an attempt to define a problem I see when I look at our efforts to govern ourselves.

(valarking) #6

Govenment will NEVER be perfect. Some books that show this are the Dune Saga. It’s like holding on to soap, you squeeze too hard and it slips out of your hands, you squeeze too hard and it slips out, it’s difficult to hold on just right. this is another example of a statement that may or may not be correct, but regardless, it does nothing to help the current status. our government in america, is the best government for ME, but it has it’s gaping flaws, and it’s getting horribly worse day by day. for example, it’s too easy to sue nowadays. the justice system, while making sure that innocent people won’t get punished most of the time, also allows people we know to be guilty to get away. will we ever fix these problems?

(Green) #7

bla bla bla.
this is only the internet.
I take it as entertainement.

(Dittohead) #8

yup, i love debates though, you get to see how stupid the other side is.


(IMProvisar) #9

[quote=“valarking”]…for example, it’s too easy to sue nowadays.quote]

I don’t think that’s the problem… problem is it’s too easy to win, and there’s no penalty if you come nowhere near proving your point. Oh, and one other problem… there’s been a really bad trend with reguard to who has the right to do what. For instance, when an employee is discharged, or a prospective employee is not hired, they can take the stand that they have the right to be employed by the business, rather than the business has the right to choose their employees. Same thing with customers who think they have the right to be served, rather than businesses having the right to serve whoever they choose. The business owner owns the business… it’s their right to run it as they like. Those types of suits would be like someone suing you because you didn’t invite them to the party at your house.


(rwv01) #10

I work in a restaurant. I know just what you mean.
I get groups of kids at night who come in drunk and treat us like dirt,
and then think they can have our jobs for asking them to leave!

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

(IMProvisar) #11

I was thinking along the lines of discrimination by race, sex, religion, etc… but I know what you mean there as well.


(The Lurker) #12

Hey you guys just joined the UN no more Neutrality for Sweden :wink: