A thousand suns.

Here is my latest work. For more info please view my blog post about it http://wp.me/p4JdF4-3 I hope you like it!

Sorry forgot to put this in the main post:
3000 x 1500 px

Blender Cycles + Integrated Compositor

10000 samples ( yes, 10k is ridiculous)

Total render time 20hrs on Nvidia GTX 780m GPU

The bump on the lanterns seem to be a bit too much, it gives a harsh pattern of light and darkness that you wouldn’t expect with a translucent paper material.

Also, the focal point right now isn’t much to look at, the rest of the image with the lotus blossoms seem to be more interesting but it’s out of focus (perhaps for starters you can make the central lantern light brighter).

A good start for sure, could look great with a little more work.

Thanks for the feedback! Here is the sort of look I was going for with the paper.

I put the seemingly more interesting part of the image out of focus so the viewer would be more curious and intrigued about what else is out there, but, this may have not proven effective apparently! XD


Wow! This is EPIC! I love it!!! :smiley: You did a GREAT job! :yes:

Thank you Joey! :smiley: