A tiki diorama

When i discovered the gorgeous spanish game “Call of the sea” at the last decembre (2020), i realised how beautifull and inspiring could be a lowpoly game, thoses days. And it awaked my appetite for the creation of 3D environment for videogames.

So i decided to create a diorama on my own, after watching a lot of tutorials about Blender, Photoshop and the workflow to drive and improve my skills in this way.

I learned a lot. And i discovered also all the things i need to learn to perfect my hand-painted style, the lightening, the texturing. And of course how to make it interactive in a real-time 3D engine like Unreal, or Unity ( i am so impatient !!!). That 's why i used the Evee render from Blender.

If some people would give me some advices in a gentle way, i really would appreciate it.

Thanks for watching and reading !


WHAT IS A TIKI ? → https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiki

Blocking / Sculpting / Retopology / N-gon Hunting / UVMapping / Baking / Texturing / Drinking Coffee / But not too much…

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