A Time Machine?!

Hello again fellow Blender artists! ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
Just wanted to share an old artwork of mine which i think didnt get much recognition on other media platforms,hope you like it!!

About the project:

For this project i used mostly Megascans assets & textures from Quixel.
I really wanted to get that sci-fi/cool look so i gathered a lot of refrence and studied what makes a good sci-fi composition.I highly advise you to do the same whenever you are making an artwork,even if its from imagination or doesnt aim for a specific style!

You can see more of my works at my artstation

I also have a small Youtube channel where you can find some of my recent animations + some enjoyable timelapses.

Feedback is always welcome! (●’◡’●)


Ha, a washing machine time machine! Does it send your clothes to the past when they were brand new instead of washing them? Really cool idea!

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Who knows?!~😁Thats what art is about,imagination!

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