A tool to find the annoying noise-maker flash?

Is there a program that can tells which program window is playing some sound?
I like to use myie to surf the internet. Some website abuses the flash (or embedded music) tech and make a persisting, dull noise, so that I can not listen to the music or watch the true flash works :< I want a applz to locate the noiser and kill it.
No, it has no businese with the option in ie.

if you go to tucows, or nonags, the have a couple of freewares that track and analyze all your computers activity, which should help to identify the offender.

could it be aol instant messenger?

if so, run
notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
add the following lines:       ar.atwola.com       empiremovies.com       xlonhcld.xlontech.net       VTOT.proxy.aol.com       ads.web.aol.com       ads.aol.com 

save and reboot

Give me a signed cheque for a large amount of money…

shake knob

That is not a pop-ads, but flash ads embbed on the whole site webpages. I have to check the windows in myie one by one and close the noiser. Maybe I could visit the site when I don’t need to listen to music. I hate and want to kill those people, who misuse the flash tech to make such a kind of noise instead of interesting one.
And the “hosts” file trick may be useful later, thank you for sharing.

Couldn’t you disable flash? If it’s only the ads that use it, you should still be able to view the sites. I also think there’s a browser option to refuse playing sounds. It should be beside the bit to refuse playing gifs.

If you used firefox, the adblocker might work for you.