a total white color

Hi. I do not so much experiense with Blender, but im trying :wink: I need a white color for an eyeball… but I turn the color values at max, it will only become grey… how do i get i white?

And yeah, yeah, i know im a noob and so on… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot

I have the same problem!! I have an idea it its because of the light but i really isn´t sure… It would be great to know it! :slight_smile:

I know the problem, and most of the time, it’s a matter of lighting. First of all, make sure that your eye actually gets enough light; the next thing to do would be to go to the “shaders” panel for the eyes, and look at the settings there. Make sure that there is enough reflectivity. If you just want to ignore the lighting altogether, and just have the eyes pure white hit the “Shaderless” button in the material panel.

Thanks a lot. I works with shaderless, but i would like to have the reflectivity. which “botton” do i adjust the reflectivity?

In the Material buttons window, go to the Shaders panel and increase the Emit parameter. You’ll probably want to adjust the Spec, Hard, and Reflect parameters, as well.

One of the lighting tricks with eyes is to put the eyes and their lights on a separate layer, and make the lights “affect this layer only.” (there’s a button for that.) Eyes are usually in the shadow of eye sockets, hair, and so on, which makes lighting them “just so” difficult, or messes up the lighting on the rest of the face. With the eye and it’s lights (especially highlight lights) on a separate layer, you can make all your adjustments without affecting anything else.

Maybe this helps?