A Touch of Winter

I was inspired by Secrop’s “Winter”, so I wanted to try my hand at a snowy outdoor scene of my own.

Blender/Cycles, with a bit of painting in Krita to add the snowflakes.

I like the snow on the ground. It really looks like fresh snow

What did you use to make the trees? I’m just curious I think I might try my hand at trees sometime in the future…the only aspect I think might need work is that the pine trees in your scene look dead. These trees don’t actually lose their needles in the winter.

Maybe it’s a nuclear winter, and the radiation has killed all the pine trees too :stuck_out_tongue:

They were made with the sapling addon, and a couple of the thicker ones were made with arboro for an old project and reused.

Looks very nice. What gooseberry says is true. But it depends on where the scene would be.

What did you use to make the trees?

You can add in the addon settings the addon: Sapling, wich you can make trees with