A tree made with particles

I’ve tried to make a tree with particles but it didnt come out nice.
I was just wondering if anyone else has done a tree with particles that came out nice. If anyone has please post the pic here.
Thanks [!]

I don’t see how you could make a tree with particles.
please explane

i havent but i will in the mean time try this https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=56625&highlight=fur+tutorial

something like this? Done in 10 mins, so please forgive simplicity of tree design.


Wow, that looks good (apart from the funky shape)

that does look good.
how did you do that?

First create your trunk. In the image above it was a cube extruded upwards with each section displaced off centre slighty, then subsurf’d. Then create a uv sphere (32segs) and use proportional editing to pull out of shape to resemble the overall shape. Next create a plane and either uv map a leaf to it using alpha maps to cretae the transparency round the edge, OR model it to the shape of the leaf and uv map that (but beware your polygon count!)

Make the sphere a particle emitter (static) and make it the parent of the leaf. Turn on dupliverts on the sphere.

Adjust the settings of particle system. The ones used on example above are:
Amount: 8000
Step: 1
Life: 2
Turn on Vector, Verts, Faces and Rand

Under particle motion
increase random factor. this i set to 0.672

Yes, check the ficus tutorial by Franck at linuxgraphic, using particles:


Has anyone tried using the new particle option to make even more realistic plants/trees even? I suppose we can now paint the particle density onto the mesh at the branch tips giving much more control for a start.

Would be nice if blender could make nice trees.


is that controll through the weight paint?


I’ve tried grass only and I got a pretty good result.