a tribute to portishead

(BgDM) #1

I already told you on BlenderChat that this was pretty cool. But I tought I should say it again. Way cool 8) .

Love your style kerosene!


(kerosene) #2


i bought the portishead concert (roseland, nyc, 1997) on dvd yesterday JOY :slight_smile:
so i decided to create a picture. the pics in the pic are screenshots from the dvd (don’t tell the distributor… heh).
the P is lit using one common lamp, two spots and radiosity.

used blender & gimp (who would have guessed… hehe)


tell me, what u think.

(S68) #3

Cool image…

portishead ???


(jorx) #4

Nifty, I know a guy who likes Portis head.

(ScottishPig) #5

Totally cool. 24/7/97. I wish I had been there…

Nice tribute, great image.

(Timothy) #6

well this surely has become a strange thread,… and I have no idea what is causing it.

(Timothy) #7

hmm I found the bug in the code and fixed it,… hope this keeps working :wink:

(Kid Tripod) #8

back when they had just released their second album their website had a 3d rendered p that rotated inside the rectangle on the vertical axis. of course it was dirtily textured! (a nice noisy bump map etc.)

as a tip, if you like them get Andy Smith - “The Document”, he’s their dj support, and rules. He actually released an EP here last year with someone else, but it’s name escapes me . . .

(it’s worth it for peggy lee and tom jones!!!)

(Hos) #9

Nice pic – Portishead is one of the coolest bands!
(Gotta love a band that combines a Fender Rhodes,
a theremin, and James Bond style guitar – plus
Beth Gibbons has such an awesome voice!)
If I ever get a DVD player I’ll have to check it out!

/me puts ‘Dummy’ into his CD player …


P.S. Is the instrument on ‘Sour Times’ a Zimbale
(hammered dulcimer) or is it done with a synthesizer?

(Kid Tripod) #10

i think its a dodgy record sample. there’s a lot more turntablism and sampling that goes on in music outside america until very recently (portishead famously sampled medium wave radios just for buzzy noise) the only (good) exceptions being Cut Chemist and Shadow. i seem to remember Sour Times is one of the ones on the PNYC vid so you could get your answer there. (it was on tv so i cant look to find out).

personally i think we should give a prize to the first blender remake of a mr scruff video . . .

(like a mug!!!)