A tribute to the victims... and the heroes

This time, 1 year ago, wives were holding there husbands, and husbands holding there wives. Children were fast asleep, for they had to get up early to kiss their mommy or daddy goodbye, some were even going to fly in an airplane, and they were excited. Families were going to get to see loved ones, who would be on their way home in a matter of hours to see them. Some would be going to work in a little while. They would get up, and a loved one gaze into their eyes and tell them to have a nice day, and that they would see them later. While some were expecting to put out fires, and catch criminals, they were just doing their jobs, as they did everyday.

But little did anybody know, that in a short time they would be gone. Families broken, parents and children lost, and heroes made of those whom most of us took for granted. We take for granted, not only those whom are close to us, but those in which put their lives on the line for us. Most don’t realize, that everyday is a gift, and that those whom we love, could be gone tommorow. When you tell someone you’ll see them later, you don’t know if there will be a later. The only thing for certain, is now, the moment in which you can express your feeling to those whom are dear to you. Do not put it off, because you might not ever have that moment again.

I think the only thing I can say, that would even come close to expressing my feelings to the heroes around the world is… THANK YOU.

This not only to the firefirghtes, police, ems, and courageous citizens, whose selfless acts had saved the lives of others, at the expense of their own, but to those all around the world who helped. The countless countries and cititzens who prayed and donated to help those affected. The military personell from all countries who work and risk their lives everyday to bring us all freedom. There is nothing we could say, to truly express how important they are to us.

We will not forget

In remembrance of those lost on September 11, 2001

You said it exactly as I would have.

Thinking of all of those that were lost.


I do think of those who were lost, but I’ve done most of that shortly after Sept 11 (I refuse to call it 911.) And the news hasn’t let go of it for the whole year. Did you know that they were interviewing victims kids a few days ago? What kind of SICK BASTARDS are they? To them htis national tragety is simply a money source and one big story. Not a day goes by without 2+ hours of Sept 11 stuff. Why do I want to dwell on the past? Why do I want to just think depressing thoughts all day? I understand think back for a moment and honoring them and the people who rescued survivors, but dwelling too much in the past is not a good thing.

Nicely put…

all i can say is God bless America and peace to all the people who lost their families.

Acasto: One of my teachers once said after Sept. 11, “Whenever you’re going somewhere for a long time, no matter what time it is, kiss your wife and kids goodbye… you never know what will happen to you…” Really.

Valarking: You’re right, it shouldn’t be called 9-11. If you ask me, the closest should be 9-11-01, if that.

God Bless America, and the whole world… except for a few certain people (they know who they are, adeaQ lA).

evil as I always am, I have to add something :-?

How many world trade centers starved in Africa and india within this one year? The people there are aware of their probable future. They do not have a good life and no hope.

I really ask myself why those victims are much less important than the wtc victims. Why does earth not stand still because of them, but smoothly turns further.

let us all quickly forget them, please



Good point, however much of the problems in those countries are brought on either by internal strife or mismanagement. Much of India’s problems lie in mismanagement, tens of thousands of tons of grain rot in storage while they try to determine how to distribute it. Many of the counries in Africa suffer from civil wars and tyrannical dictators. The aide is delivered, but never distributed. How many Americans died in '93 trying to feed Somalis, only to be attacked by warlords like Mohammed Farah Aidid? Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti… we can only be asked to spill so much blood helping others.

In this case, a foreign power entered my nation, and attacked my people, and wish to continue doing so. I think it is fairly obvious why Americans want action. These forces operate in other nations as well. The entire western world is targetted, even if America is the most visible. They are all threatened by these actions.

You must successfully defend yourself before you can defend others.


well said IMProvisar.

Sorry, but most of the third world countries suffer from the first world countries. One evil word: globalization, engaged by some suits in their ivory towers, supported by most of us.

I hate to tell you this, but WE are a foreign power and we cause suffering by our living standards. Remember about it the next time you see someone drink cheap coffee at McDonalds. And we do not even consider ourselves to be rich. But we are. Very. In comparison to the average human being. If you have clothes and a warm place to live, you are rich.

I do not believe I can convince you that this is reality, because it is a very painful truth that most of us help to cause suffer in third world countries just by consuming our cheap every day products. But if you are willing to take a close look at the sources of third world misery, you will find, that many countries do not get a chance to get rid of their problems. Because money is more important. on the contrary.

And I do not think, those terrorists wish to do so. Sounds very positive to me. There is one way to stop such attacks and it is respect and understanding. You see, those terrorists surely could have imagined a better way of life than getting blown into pieces. Is there really someone who likes to kill himself and thousands of others? Tell me, what kind of wrong circumstances let someone do this? What causes such big violence? And such misuse of a religion? Everything their fault? Was the reason really hate? Or was it at least partly despair?

Dividing clearly into innocence and guilt won´t work. Search for reasons and not for justice, and maybe someday it will be more peaceful. Just blame them and the next big bang will be louder. An emotional response leads to failure and more hate, as tempting as it may be, regarding the dimensions of damage.

We all have the same value. Even if we do not live in the United States of America.


I’m sorry, but if you take a look at the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, not a single one was poor… they were all from families that would at least be considered middle-class by American standards. Bin Ladin himself is from one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia. Also, Saudi Arabia and Yemen (I think the only two countries those 19 came from) have a very high per-capita income… those countries have plenty of money, if their people do not, that’s an internal matter.

I agree, that a great deal of the problems are from Western influence… just not how you think. The problem is overpopulation caused by a combination of advances in medicine and sanitation. People live longer, infant mortality rates are lower. Unfortunately, births have not decreased. Without modern medicine, a family may need to have 5-7 pregnancies for 2-3 to live long enough to have children of their own. Now, with those same 5-7 pregnancies, 3-5 of the children reach childbearing age, thanks to Western influence. Education and contraceptives are important, but if you really study the matter you’ll find that no real advancement has happened where the individual countries didn’t make it happen themselves.

Can you do me a favor, and give me a few specifics of how our living conditions worsen others? I’m curious.


Okay, there are also rich people who are able to disregard other peoples value. Is that evidence to say my assumption MUST be faulty? No.

Bin Ladn may be similar to our blue suits. Maybe he is manipulating others to get his will. Sorry, I do not know him. Actually I am carefully to believe the media. Do you know how interesting it is to compare online newspapers from different countries? Try it for some time (there are many english versions. I only have the nzz to compare). It makes damn suspicious. I do not know the real situation there. But you do not either. So I am rather careful to point out the enemy (partly Dire Straits fan).

I already gave you one example of exploitation: cheap coffee from south america. And I will do something, that everyone actually could do themselves. I will search the net for other circumstantial evidence of exploitation (circumstantial, because nothing written or spoken has to be true, just because someone says it). Damn, I actually have got much more important stuff to do than convincing you. When I think of my future right now, the words ‘cold sweat’ come into mind. Now I have to ‘save my face’ again. LOUDMOUTH! No , not you.

OK (big discouraged sigh), I´ll ask some more competent people for interesting search words. Google will do the rest. I hope I will be entertaining you well.

On the other hand, I appreciate curiosity.



you are quite a convincing speaker… err… typer. :wink:


How does that hurt South Americans? Should we stop buying coffee? Ok… new initiative, no more coffee! Everyone stop drinking… oh wait a sec… wouldn’t that put South Americans out of work?


P.S. - Last I read, Jamaican farmers on the Blue Mountain sell their coffee, mostly to the Japanese, for $100US/lb. Moral of the story? Make the best stuff you can, then sell to the highest bidder.

P.P.S. - There’s now, I think, one type of coffee that’s more expensive than Jamaican Blue Mountain. If not more expensive, nearly so. Not sure exactly where it comes from, I’d imagine either Africa or S.E. Asia, but it’s the big rage with the hoity-toity crowd. It takes a very special process which involves having monkeys eat the coffee beans, then following them around. Moral of the story? With effective marketting, you can sell anything to rich idiots for any price… even monkey dung.