A tribute

This is a let’s call tribute to Pascal Blanché’s works. I was amazed by the time i first saw them, so i tried to make something similar. The girl was created in makehuman, other modeling was done in blender. Cycles was used for rendering.

Pascal is awesome and this is a great tribute in my opinion. The use of color is very recognizable, in fact I thought the image reminded me of Pascal Blanché’s works before I read your explanation.

I think it is a very decent job. I love the style and colours. What I would work next time is on fixing the errors that posing have produced. The elbow is quite rubbery, the bone is missing) In other respects - the pic is very pretty.

Pretty good job, for my two scents I think you should have sculpted on top of the model that you got out of make human very thing kind of looks a little too soft on the figure especially around the joints.