A 'Trim Block' for the flight sims


I just made this in sketching purpose.



I’m not too happy with my visakoivu ‘wood’ base and lever-rod ‘metal’ materials.

You haven’t added any ‘balance indicators’ to let the pilot know how much trim has been used. How would you know where center trim is located for all 3 components? Maybe im just used the old trim wheel found in ancient aircraft. This seems to be for a Beechcraft Baron maybe? And i don’t think the block would be made from wood in a real plane.

there are a few more things tht u can consider to be not happy about:

  1. use smooth (and probably auto smooth) to smooth out the faces on the curved surfaces.
  2. i cant see it properly but the edges of the knobs sho some mesh artefacts…take care of them.
  3. and yes, better materials…use a nice chrome material for the metal parts.

good work, just a few tweaks here and there. :slight_smile:


Thank your for your feedback

this ’ Wooden trim block’ idea is coming from another site and I just give a shot for it. This is my solution for self-made handyman gaming stuff. Been there, done that.

Yes, the knobs has some problems after the beveling. I remake the knobs, but still those are appearing a bit ‘So so…’.

YES! The materials really matters. The ‘Blender Materials Library’ saved my day.