A try at animated smoke.

Okay, there’s been quite some buzzing around clouds and such. I thought I’d give it a try. My point was to get it animatable and at least good looking, and not taking too much time to render (that’s what I mean by animatable).

I tried various ways, and finally thought that using particles was a good way because we can control them with dynamic effects and deflectors.
I though about writing a script to extract a closed surface from a particle cloud but finally dropped it because there’s another way: metaballs. the particle emitter is parent of a metaball a dupliverts it.

The shading can be done with SSS or ramps.

The is compositor power :). Essentially displacements and compositing.

The file is a .mp4. Quictime can read it and maybe VLC too.

Anyway, I’m not satisfied at all :spin: The animation is jumpy and the shading not nice. And, the displacement applied to the cloud on post processing is too strong I guess and gives weird results.

I’ll give it a new try! Metaballs might go away, ot I might try the fluid simulator or just particles… or… or…


Please see my slow colorful smoke on youtube.
This is made in Blender.

Hey! yeah, the animation is a bit jumpy, and I think it’s not smoky enough, too small and concentrated.
But good start!
let’s see more.

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve done a lot more tries, giving up metaballs for particles: less jumpy, but more “particle-ish”, it’s difficult to get a nice continuous strand of smoke without increasing the particle amout and the rendering time. I’m trying another solution but that needs a lot of thinking. Luckily, I have a 9hr train trip this afternoon! Plenty of time to think!