A try on a 'famous' head

Hi guys

I’m working on a face of a famous person. I hope you see who I’m making.

I’ve put a simple (and pretty bad) UV Map on it, to make it more clear. :wink:


Im a Elvis fan, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

My fist guess would’ve been Max Payne, but he can’t really be considered a famous person, right?

My fist guess would’ve been Max Payne

I thought it was Max Payne too.

Mel Gibson?

It looks sort of like the guy in your avatar, but I don’t know who that is, therefore it’s likely that he isn’t famous, therefore I can’t vote for him, so Mel it is.

MartyJ: the avatar is Pacino in the Godfather. C’mon, how did you not know that!

I think the Head is of Pierce Brosdan

Now looking at it again, I thinks its Max Payne as well.

Framedworld; your first thought was right: it is indeed Pierce Brosnan.
But when I look again at it, I also see a little bit Max Payne in it. :slight_smile:

This model still needs a lot of work (especially the hair and the texture) and someday I will use it for a James Bond-game. So it doesn’t need to be a 100% correct; if it looks a little bit like Pierce, it is okay. :wink:

Nevertheless: C&C welcome!


hmm, i’d’a thought ben aflek

Little update after a bit ‘texture paint’ (first time I use this tool and I’m pretty happy with the result so far).

I deleted the hair because I’m going to redo this. I made his cheeks also a bit fatter and rounder (maybe not enough yet).