a tunnel i made

hey guys , ive been trying latetly to se where I am as a moduler and trying to make different things.

So this is my take on a tunnel, what do u guys think ?

1200 samples with cycles, some post production in blender aswell



I suggest to rework a bit materials. Add a specular map, and a normal map, to have nice reflexion. If you look carefully to references, tunnels are always wet and have moisture. It produces reflexion. (here is an reference).

Break the repetitive pattern by adding some details, like wires from lamps, maybe an escape sign. You can also add more dirt on the ground. It looks too perfect. There is always dirt on the corner.

I don’t understand what’s on top of lights Is it a pipe ? you should clarify that, it looks like a stretched texture.

You can also add fog to give more depth to your picture.

I hope these advices will be useful. Don’t give up :slight_smile: