A tutorial in a bigger sense, a walkthrough project

I’m new to Blender and I have a bunch of resources(sort of). I haven’t noticed it if its around but is there a tutorial anywhere that goes through a whole project? I learn a lot better when I do several things to one image than all these other tutorials I have where you do 1 basic thing to one basic object. Anyways any help is appreciated, if there isn’t one I’ll just go on with the little tutorials…


hey… im working on a video tutorial today and tomorrow on modeling every part of a jaguar etype concept car, texturing it, lighting the scene, and rendering =)
in the vid tute ill be talking as u see me modeling so ill tell u all u need to know and how im doing stuff and u can always rewind if u miss something or pause before the next step =)
check back tomorrow night, or monday at my site…

ill be making about maybe a tutorial every week, or every other week… whenever, so if anyone wants me to do anything for em, email me


Thats so cool! I will be sure to e-mail you and check it out!