a tutorial on python velocity scripting

as to what i can see curently, bge has a “motion” actulator, but it only does displacements as that it only moves and stops immediatly after you stop pressing the keys, so i want to first make a relistic enviroment and the first step is to make a cube move in terms of newton’s first 3 laws of motion, equal and opposite, f=ma, and ; v = u + at; so acctually what it’s doing is that when you press the wasd buttons, it’s registerying it as force, and then uses the volume of the object (or maybe just a set mass for everything) and then converts to acceleration, then velocity, along side generating resistence force by a fixed indirction porportion, and therefore, if pressed for a while and then release the button, it slows down slowly
is it hard? or easy?, even if you don’t want to answer, or can’t please point me to the direction of it.

Configure your object a physical object (physics tab) which is dynamic, rigid body, character or softbody.

Then you get more options in the motion actuator including velocity and force.

You can apply air friction and damping (physics tab).