A Tv

I’m still not even sure what this was supposed to be, aside from what it obviously is. The Tv was something I had started modeling out of boredom during classes and I just opened the blend file this morning and did the simple environment. Nothin special, but there it is anyways.


Wow! Thay is so hot! yu are good at thes stuff. Blender is so coo! That is preatty. Are you a woman? no to be rude but it is very coulorifull. Verry nice though. :wink:

lmao…nope not a woman.

rofl :o

DarthArtist…just how old are you ? geez…

if you want my opinion…work on this some more…put a little more effort into it and make yourself proud !

pls dont lock cause of one idiot whos intentions are clear (refering to darthstar)

Thats darthARTIST yu can read not? I was not trying to be idiot. I’m sorry. But image is wierd.

DarthArtist you funny French guy. I know you’re not doing it deliberately, but I have to say your French charms do not translate well to English. I say this coz I know a few French people, half the time I thought they’re were having a go at me, but after you know them a while, they’re really like that.