a tyre

well, this is my first render after having blender for about 3-4 days. i’m new to 3d modeling so i’ve still got lots to learn :expressionless: but i must say this stuff is really fun :smiley:


Welcome Syn!
That’s not bad at all for your fist project.
Looks like you’ve got the hang essential editing tools.

wow, i must say this is extremely good for your first render :smiley:

good job


PS: I would sugest using

for uploading images

Welcome to Blender and Elysiun :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice tire and rim. Is that supposed to be for a military vehicle? The only thing I have is that on the center of the rim, you might want to select the meshes and hit the “Set Smooth” button. Good start though. Keep it up.

waiting for the car to roll in :slight_smile:

It almost looks like Elysiun. Great job :slight_smile:

yeah… how come when i click it takes me to the same page?

open a new window and drag the link into it


welcome Syn!!

mystery00: That still doesn’t explain why it does it, though :slight_smile:

To prevent hot linking.
The freewebs server checks the referer tag (the current page in browser) in the HTTP request, to see if the image was requested from a page on the freewebs domain. If not it bounces you right back to the referer adress, which is quite nice, other servers are redirecting to ads.


Wow, thats a very nice tire, you say that you use blender for just a few days!!! :o


wow. i cant even make a tire that good and ive been using blender for a month. great job

Does anybody know of a tutorial on tires/wheels?



That tutorial doesn’t even touch the tread. From the looks of it, maybe Syn should write the tutorial. :smiley:

I’m not going to write a full tutorial, but this is the easiest way i could explain how to make some tread.

Thats quit an effective approach, nice one. Thanks.
(Dont you think you made a tutorial :smiley: )