Here is a spaceship i am making. I only worked with it 2 hours or something.
What do you think?

Thats cool, but how about some colour, maybe add some neon-glow between the top disc and the main disc?

I ain’t very good at blender so how do I add neon glow and which colour should it be in?

Perfect time to start looking at some tutorials or doing searches to find out. Have you read any of the blender manual?

You can generate light a few different ways, you could make some recesses in your ship and make some of the faces “emitters” by turing up the emit setting in the materials pannel, and whichever color that panel is will emit. Or you could create lamps with a new object and actually place a light source inside it, like a spot light or a lamp, etc. You can also turn some vertect points into halos and give them a bright color. You’ll just have to play around and see what looks best for you.

The ship definitely needs more color though, the basic design reminds me of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and those things all have tons of lights and lots of color. Keep at it though, it’s a great start.

Try a colored spot lamp. You might have to scale it to make it very wide but short. Then turn on halo in the material settings for the spot and set the color. I would say a errie green color would look good.


Modeling looks very good for someone new :slight_smile:

On my inspiration picture there aren’t any more colours than this. Some people actually believed it was a real UFO and I thought I should make a more realistic model.

I have read tutorials and a little bit of the manual. I weren’t sure about what you meant so I asked… I already have a lamp inside.

Ok, well looking at the image now, it looks like you are missing the inner ring of windowns on the smaller top disc. If you want to get that effect, I would make the windows emitters and then use the sequencer to add in a glow. You could also use some particle effects to create some nice blue’ish jets coming from the bottom as well, even if you can’t see the engines in the render you might be able to see the exhaust. Also, I’m not sure how closely your trying to model your UFO to this one but the original image looks more angular on the endg of the large disc whereas yours is much more rounded.

I ain’t trying to do it exactly like the reference image.

wells if you aint going to copy it, thens you might as well at least put thems windows in on the top disc. :wink:

If you look close you see that there are windows. Here is a render which it’s easier to the windows: http://img438.imageshack.us/img438/4891/ufo37ui.th.jpg