A useful new website

Hi guys

Thought I’d drop a quick note to let you know about a website called soundsnap.com

It’s an online platform for finding and sharing free sound effects and loops- legally. I guess it can be seen as a sort of Youtube for sounds - the only difference is that the sounds at soundsnap.com are always of professional quality.[/COLOR]

Check it out because:

  • It has over 30.000 sounds
  • It has a really user-friendly interface
  • Its FREE!

I found the website extremely useful and I hope you do too! :slight_smile:

Hi guys

Thought I’d drop a quick note to let you guess which post is topic is getting deleted/locked and who may get banned.


Thanks for that Rankin67 . . . any information like that valuable!

nice site, very usefull :wink:

PD: the link

Thanks Ankita

Hi guys
Thought i’d just say that post was awsome Blenderist.

I thought i’d also say that apart from being a blatant form of advertising by someone who plainly isn’t interested in blender and was either paid to to that or has a personal interest in that site; its survived four hours so far, and hasn’t caused a flame war, so things might work out ok. But if not: i can feel smug that i got a comment in just before it was locked.

Hell, i dunno - it is spam, but at least it’s useful spam. There’s some really interesting sounds posted in there.

I’m inclined to thank the guy.

Thanks Ankita (if you’re not a bot) :smiley:

it is spam, but at least it’s useful spam

I was going to say that, but, when I typed it, it just sounded too weird.

Well i mean if someone was making a game or something there’s actually a lot of really awesome foley effects and stuff to be used. Gun shots, explosions, picking up and dropping stuff, menu clicks and beeps and junk like that. And that’s just stuff i’ve found in the past minute or so in digging through, not even looked at more than a couple of the different sections. This is pretty awesome site actually.

I know what you mean. I looked at the site. I bookmarked it actually, I hope I will be able to use some of it eventually.

The thing is, it just sounds too weird to say that spam is useful.

It’s not spam. The site is at least two years old and has super useful stuff.


It is odd. Spam, but non-comercial? Open source spam? Creative commons spam? It certainly has all the hallmarks: first post by a user who doesn’t post again, entire purpose of the post to get people to visit another website.

I’m with supercoop: bookmarked it, and with Squiggly_P. I suppose we could call it “outreach” since it’s not a commercial site. Maybe somebody could write an article for BlenderNation so’s we could be properly introduced, don’t cha know.

yeah, weird.
If there were banner ads, then it WOULD be spam, cause clicks=money, but if there are, I can’t see 'em.
Still, it is “Ankita’s” first post,a nd there’s no mention of blender so he/she/it sure looks like a bot!

We tend to allow topical advertising/ posts even from commercial companies around here.

My only gripe is that many of these companies “pretend” to be real people posting websites they find. Rather than just saying “this is what we do and we thought you might like it”.

This site seems fine to me

Well, spam or no spam, this is great resource. Bookmarking.


Thought I should come forward to clarify that I am indeed human, and a girl moreover.

Now that we’ve got that cleared, thought I’d say I don’t really think its spam when you’re spreading the word on something really useful and free.

Thought I should add to the previous post to say that soundsnap.com is also unique because it allows you to use the sounds without having to credit the creators of the works unless you want to - so that saves time and space when the credits are rolling! :slight_smile:

Well, welcome to BlenderArtists, you human girl-type person. :wink: Thanks for the link. It’s just that we see so many posts that have exactly the same format as yours, except they are selling cheap counterfeit Nikes or Zippo lighters or what not. Created a bit of cognitive dissonance. Not your fault.

Anyway, are you into CG, or the foley end of animation? Or something else entirely?

Or, you ARE a bot, but you were programed by Google to spy on us. We all know Google is run by aliens. Admit it!