A usefull tip for model presentation on elysiun

Here is a nice useful tip for good model presentation for you maniacs (such as me) where only the model is showcased. render the model without scene (nor plane under) and use a world color of 0.4 everywhere. Save it as .jpg or whatever is convenient

My WIP in Focused Critique: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=56296

I find it looks great in a post :D. And of course you could bother to use the gimp or photoshop to make a alpha layer blablabla but if its just a wip on elysiun I find this handy :smiley:

Just wanted to share this with you guys. (some might find this absolutely useless and I understant that because in a way, it really is…)

I’m sure I dreamed on night that the colours on elysiun forum were inversed, orange blackground, black tabs with white writing and black text elsewhere.

Wonder what world colour that would require?


Seriously, thats a very neat tip.

Or, leave the plane and set to OnlyShadow, if you want a nice cast shadow.

This post should be in Blender General… probably get more hits there and be useful to those who browse that category.

Blender will save your image with an alpha. Set premul on, RGBA, and an output that supports alpha (PNG, Targa). But AFIK several browsers don’t support alpha, so it’s a cool idea. Thanks!


Thats a great idea :smiley: I will try that.
I considered this to be off-topic rather than blender general because I think its about presenting a model on this particular forum so. I dunno.

As another alternative, and one I used a couple of times on the Wings3D forums, I like to render the subject object(s) as a PNG file with alpha channel.

It’s quite handy in that you don’t end up with your object sitting in a ‘box’ of colour.

Also, it’s useful for promoting the use of other internet browsers since IE does not show alpha-channel PNG files at all. (Mine defaults to making alpha regions cyan-blue)

Firefox works fine naturally.

Just another option :smiley:

(Oh, just noticed Laurifer’s post about using RGBA. Sorry if this sounds like a repeat. I was eating a curry at the time. Blurred vision and all due to spice ingestion hehe)

Thats good to know too. I havnt used other image formats for my work. Mostly .jpg for stills but I should learn more on the others and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Same thing with video codecs.

I made my post look like this one time. Pritty nice if you ask me, but I don’t know if others like it…

Then it’s just to put up your image:

[Kothe], If only there was a tag in phpBB! (there’s not, is there?)

JPEGs use a lossy compression scheme (meaning some image information is lost during the compression stage of encoding.) I would recommend either PNG or TGA for your original renders. Both support lossless compression and so your image maintains it original integrity. You can then encode them in post-pro to JPG for posting, emailing, or whatever (as that format typically results in smaller file sizes.) When you render directly to JPG, you’re losing some of your image quality right off the bat, even at 100% quality. Just FYI.

Nope, sorry

But I hate center anyways!

Just would make your top & bottom “bars” look good with the elYsiun page layout, is all… (I’d also like to be able to center my image thumbnails once in a while… :wink: )

handy tip.

moved to general.

ah. found it though lol

Thanks for the info on the .png images :smiley: