a UV texturing problem

first, I’d like to say that this is the first time I’m trying to texture something, so yeah… newbie…
I’ve made a lion model for a game (I made it using a few meshes and used boolean operations to weld them together after sculpting)
and now I’m trying to texture it… I made a UV map for it (the seaming was a nightmare) deviding the back and legs from the underbelly and the paws from the legs. (I also divided the pads from the paws)
but when I test it, the lion, well, it does somerthing wierd. its as if I can see through it. and when I turn it with its tail to me, the lege sort of… spin so I see the front of them instead of the back. I hope I explain it clearly enough. I have no idea whats wrong… can you think of something?

Some of your normals are pointing inwards, so the texture is being shown on the inside of the face instead of the outside. Control-N to recalculate normals should help.

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Usually for a game, Sculpt high poly, then bake normal maps to a game friendly low poly object, and it’s best to avoid booleans for game meshes.